Dear Nikki,


It has been my great pleasure to meet you and to work with you on my wig fitting and adjustments. From the moment we spoke on the phone I knew I was in good hands. I felt as if we already knew each other. Your very positive and kind handling of my situation was so reassuring. Even better, when we met, in the complete privacy of your home, you put me at ease with what could have been some very difficult moments. When I decided to go ahead and get my hair shaved off, you even called me back from Florida to set up an appointment. I expected getting my hair off would be a very emotional time, but thanks to you, it was quite liberating, and I actually had some fun.


Before I came upon you, however, I had been to a salon. Although they were very professional and supportive, it was not the warm and caring atmosphere you provided.

I felt totally out of place with the furs and diamonds. There was also a consultation fee which I was aware of, but had I been to you first, I could have saved myself some unpleasant emotions as well as a significant sum of money.


So far, all is well with wearing a wig. Most people don’t even realize it is not my own hair.

I have had many compliments, the best of which is the nearly speechless reaction when I choose to tell someone it is a wig! You are definitely in the right job! Sometimes you meet people in this world who just go beyond the norm, who quietly work little miracles each and every day—that would be you!


Thank you so much for your kind and gentle assistance at a time which could

have been devastating.


Most Sincerely,

Kathy Marsh



Thank you for making my appointment last Tuesday so pleasant and comfortable. I had some trepidation before seeing you but you were

so kind and caring that I immediately felt assured. Barbara was equally impressed. You’re not only a very competent professional but a

warm and sensitive individual who knows how to make her clients

feel at ease.


I will wear the wig that you repaired with a true sense of security. Thanks again and I will be back as soon as my hair grows back enough to style.


Warm personal regards,

Anne Avallone